Conversion Services

Conversion Services

Get The Highest Quality Images On Your Next Conversion Project

S&S Digital Conversions will take your records from an analog state and convert them into a digital format that can later be retrieved from your file share or document management system. No matter how big or small your job is, we’re ready to help.


We prepare your film and documents to ensure they are separated correctly and ready for conversion



Using state-of-the-art equipment, we convert your physical records into high quality digital format

Quality Control

Experience and technique are vital to creating the highest quality images from your original records


We index your data and export your images in a format that’s ready for your archive system

Microfilm Conversion

Microfilm is an analog storage medium that uses film reels which are exposed and developed into photographic records using a reduction process. They are scaled-down reproductions of documents, made for the purposes of transmission, storage, reading, and printing.

It is typically used to store paper documents such as periodicals, legal documents, books and engineering drawings. Due to the age and makup of microfilm itself, many departments turn to us to convert their microfilm into digital format.

Microfiche & Aperture Card Conversion

Aperture cards are a type of punched card with a cut-out window into which a chip of 35mm film is mounted. Such a card is used for archiving or making multiple inexpensive copies for ease of distribution.

Microfiche and Aperture cards once had their advantages for preserving documents and saving space. While they may still play an important part in archiving, the role of micrographics is gradually being replaced by digital format and electronic document management systems.

Document Scanning

Clients that have physical paper documents and records face several challenges. First, storage of paper documents takes up a large amount of space. Also, these records are exposed to damage in the event of a fire, flood, or other disaster. 

Besides storage space, accessing these records can take time as they must be manually sorted and searched in order to find a specific document. These are a few reasons more organizations are turning to us for help in projects that involve converting their paper documents into digital format.

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